Security for laptops & computers

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Perimeter network security has been a core skill since PN was established back in 1997. Beginning with firewalls and Internet security, PN has grown to become a leader in the increasingly complex field of perimeter security building highly-available, resilient and secure gateways between our customers networks, those of their partners and customers and the Internet – enabling safe Internet e-commerce, controlled and monitored staff services and flexible inter-site communication.

  • PN supplies a wide range of security and network software and hardware solutions from many of the industrys leading vendors including Check Point, Cisco, Microsoft, Stonesoft, WebSense and many others
  • We design and build integrated solutions using these and other components often components developed or adapted in-house
  • Where appropriate, we use open source as well as commercially available solutions- often these offer better value for money for the customer. For example, the challenge with security monitoring and intrusion detection is more filtering and interpreting data than capturing it in the first place. Our solutions often use open source data-gathering tools so we can focus the customers limited financial resources on analysis and presentation
  • PN offers perimeter security services as well as consultancy and solutions. We have been providing these services for more than three years and have a growing and loyal customer base. These services include monitoring of not only the firewalls, routers, switches, virus engines and other components we manage, but also the web, email and other services our customers businesses rely on. Uniquely, we share our monitoring interface with our customers providing an on-line, real-time view of security, performance and availability
  • PN offers secure hosting facilities providing state-of-the-art perimeter security for companies that prefer not to build and operate their own using layered, highly-available, resilient and monitored infrastructure. We have data-centres in the UK and mainland Europe