Networking your business online

Business Networking

We are a group of very different companies benefiting from a highly effective form of business networking in London.

Business networking made easy

“Where quality business referrals are nurtured and exchanged”. From one man – or woman – companies to big operators like NatWest Bank – we are all enjoying the benefits of business networking throughout the UK.

Our members are committed to growing their businesses through mutual support. Each member uses his or her business networks in the UK and social contacts to provide quality referrals for the rest of the chapter.

Local businesses sharing this common vision make us a dynamic chapter of Business Network International (BNI), the world’s largest networking organisation.

How to join – and benefit from business networking

Each BNI chapter allows just one representative from each type of business – one web designer, one accountant, one banker, etc. If you join us you ensure that all the other members make their business networking available only to you in your line of business.

If one of their contacts wants someone to do your kind of work – only you will receive the referral.

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