The Advantages of Using Video for Employee Training

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Video production for training purposes

The production of training videos is changing the way employees learn and gain their skills. This is a better way of engaging and offering a much richer, more authentic training programme to new staff members.

The top benefits of using video for training:

  1. Information can be learnt quicker and more effectively.
  2. It means there is easy access to training as this can also be viewed from mobile and tablet devices.
  3. Shorter, snappier videos are easier to digest and have proven to have higher rates of retention.
  4. Motivation and dedication is also improved.
  5. This is a much more cost effective solution as it reduces travel.
  6. You know that all of your employees have been trained in the same way.

If you are looking for the production of training videos, we recommend using Alpha Omega Video.

Alpha Omega Video has years of the experience which means they can create a training video that makes a real difference to your company. All areas of OH&S legislation can be met.

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Everybody learns differently

Using video will also accommodate to those that learn best through visualisation. People learn in many different ways and it is unfair to expect employees to learn as fast and exactly the same as others. This will help those that prefer to learn by watching video. See learning styles.

Make the right investment

Video production is a great investment for your company. A video will only have to be produced once and you will be able to use it for years, which means you will also know that your staff have all learnt the same topics. 24/7 learning.