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We operate an unequalled service for the installation and support of office based telecommunications and data networks.

Latest technology

The company’s web based maintenance service puts the latest technology at your service. Dedicated engineers will be your site champions and they’ll answer all of your questions and offer best advice.

Uniquely we do not charge our customers any premium for the reporting and managing of faults on any third-party networks and equipment that is associated with telecommunications networks that have been maintained.

Service monitored

A specialist will be able to audit teams and response times to ensure things are running well and welcome feedback from you in person or via their website. Engineers should always arrive on site ‘fully loaded’.

This means they’re clearly briefed, with all the tools, work plans and components to do the job. We also have a dedicated support team with the administration and communications skills to reinforce our technical competence.

Network design

Hiring a company that specialises in network design will ensure that you get the very best out of your network centre. An experienced engineer will be able to plan, design, install, test and provide further support and maintenance. View more information.

There are also varying factors that this specialist should take into consideration, including:

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