How has technology changed our businesses?

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Our site is about the oppurtunities that technology makes available to people in the UK who are looking to explore the internet and the opprtunities it presents. Our audience is you me, SME, IT directors, anyone who has a interest in seeing where technology can take them.

This isn’t a job site more an invitation to explore technology and look to see where you can fit in in the world of data, voice, computers and software.

IT Support is the standard for the provision of Business IT Support to Small & Medium enterprises.
The national network of TMB accredited advisers seeks to ensure UK SME’s receive competent and credible business IT support and advice. The aim is to improve their competitiveness through a top-class standard of advice offered by IT advisers and suppliers in the private and public sectors.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the aim of this?
The aim of this is to improve the competitiveness of UK small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) through the provision of effective business-related ICT advice.

At present small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are unsure as to who can provide effective business related ICT advice. According to both DTI and Chartered Management Institute research most SMEs are either unable to source an adviser who can help them, or they distrust the advice they receive. Open Doors provides a recognisable channel of advice, which gives reassurance that advisers have reached the industry standard for giving business-related ICT advice.