3 Ways of getting the most out of your iPhone

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The iPhone is bound for change, and Apple brings out new updates that help to develop the phone and make it the best it can be. As iPhone users, we are the ones who experience the change first hand, but do you really think that are beneficial? You can decide for yourself after reading the most recent changes below.

Walk-in iPhone Repairs

If you find you are facing issues with your iPhone 6 software, contact Square Repair. They have a trusted same day phone repair service and has solutions for smashed screens, water damage and battery replacements. Click here to find out if your problem can be solved.

Was Apple’s Update Successful?

Apple has recently upgraded the iOS to 10.3.1 to solve some issues that the previous update caused. Many say that you may find it difficult to get used to as soon as you first download it as visually there is a massive difference. Since its debut, people are still discovering new features. See more.

Below are some of the newest features:

  • Tracking of AirPods
  • New emojis
  • New version of Siri

One of the most exciting changes is the introduction of ‘Find my AirPods’, this helps you to track down your wireless earphones, which can be very easy to lose as they are much smaller compared to typical Apple earphones. As well as this, there are performance improvements to ensure use is smoother and more efficient. Click here.

Extend the Life of Your Device

A phone cover provides protection to the back, front and sides of your phone, and it also adds style. Of course if you choose the right one. However, we define style as something that is trendy is what everybody wants, but why don’t you stand out from the crowd and design your own case.

Designing a case yourself is fun, exciting and it means you have something nobody else does. It makes it exclusive to you. Pick a photo, a text messaging and begin creating your very own masterpiece. Purchase today and receive 15% off.